Message from the Executive Director

It is a huge honour to join WIIS-Canada as the Executive Director. After serving as the Founding Executive Director of the Toronto chapter of WIIS-Canada, I am excited to contribute to the work of this important and necessary organization at a national level and to build on the outstanding leadership of our past Executive Directors, Urooj Mian, Dr. Caroline Leprince, and Dr. Cassandra Steer.

WIIS-Canada is committed to addressing the gender disparity in the peace and security sector through promoting women’s leadership in international security and supporting women throughout all stages of their career.

Community-building is a salient and powerful feature of our organization. We provide the space for students, academics, military leaders, lawyers, policy experts, and journalists working on security-related issues (ranging from human rights, climate policy, poverty and inequality, conflict and violence, and more)  to connect with one another. Having been a member of this network for the past few years, I am grateful to have had the unique opportunity to learn from and collaborate with women in the industry who are making trailblazing contributions towards addressing the most pressing national and global security concerns we face today. We are continuously working on innovative ways to increase access to, strengthen and enrich this national community.

As Executive Director, I am especially committed to working towards greater inclusivity and diversity in our organization through promoting and supporting the work of women of diverse racial, ethnic, and national backgrounds.

Our team is excited to bring WIIS-Canada into the new decade and to continue building a robust community across the country. We welcome everyone of all gender identities to be part of this process!

Connect, Collaborate, Create.

Chantel Cole

Executive Director