How do I submit a paper?

WIIS-Canada members can submit policy-relevant pieces to contact@

Subject line: “Submission to WIIS-Canada Policy Series.”

Indicate that the paper has been read by one professor (please give their name).

Please include a title, brief summary (100 words), biography (150 words), and contact information on the first page, followed by the full manuscript which adheres to the format and author instructions detailed below. If using references, please use Chicago Style.


In what format should I submit my paper for the WIIS-Canada Policy Series?

Please send your paper in the following format:

- MS Word document

-  2 line spacing, Times Roman or Calibri font

-  First line of each new paragraph indented by .5 inch

-  Block quotes indented and single-spaced

-  References as footnotes

-  Include a bibliography


Do I have to check what rights I have given to the publisher of a journal or book in which my paper has appeared or will appear?

Yes. If you have given another party the exclusive right to publish your paper in electronic form, then you should contact the publisher to determine if you may grant a nonexclusive license to WIIS-Canada for the purpose of posting your paper in the WIIS-Canada Policy Series. You can check the Sherpa/Romeo database which contains the policies of all major publishers and many small ones